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Bouquet Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Colors for the Right Occasion

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Bouquet Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Colors for the Right Occasion

 Whether you are buying a pre-designed bouquet or are planning to build one from scratch, getting the flowers of the right colours can make all the difference. People perceive each colour in a different way because of the way human brain perceives colours and because of cultural influences. Some colors are innately ‘neutral’, and if they do not have any cultural significance can be used to accentuate the overall appeal of a bouquet.

One can find a lot of information on flower colours and their significance on the internet. Our aim, however, is to help you choose the right coloured flowers by the occasion you need them for. So here goes:


Weddings in India are usually a grand affair, stretching over 3-4 days, even more. Lots of different ceremonies and rituals are held during this period and flowers are used extensively for decorations, ritual offerings as well as ornaments.

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Depending on the purpose or intended use of the flowers, the best suited colours will vary. If it is for decoration, go for colours which are naturally soothing, relaxing, and uplifting. Marigold or ‘Genda’ is used quite a lot in Indian wedding decorations because of its easy availability. Yellow flowers have a very uplifting effect on the mind, so use them to spread joy and cheerfulness around! Remember to have lots of green around as well - there’s a lot of running around during the festivities and the colour green relaxes the mind and body. Also, it will make the yellow blossoms stand out. Other good colours to use for decorations are Purple as it signifies Tradition, Pink which denotes love, feminism and also has a calming effect. White, which is usually a symbol of purity, can be used to accentuate the brighter coloured flowers.

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Finding the right ‘gift’ for a birthday can be a very stressful task. Ask me, I break into a cold sweat every time I need to buy a gift for an approaching birthday! But you need not. Just get together a beautiful bouquet and you’re done!

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Go for a predominantly red flowers based bouquet if it is for your significant other, or yellow ones for friends with some pink flowers. Pink flowers signify warmth and growth, so it’s an ideal choice of colour for birthdays.


When choosing flowers for anniversaries, keep 2 things in mind: the colour of the flowers and the season. Red and pink flowers symbolise love, and can be gifted any time of the year. Seasonally, you can choose light-coloured flowers for summer occasions, and dark or bright colours for anniversaries falling in the cold season.

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Baby Showers

What better way to welcome a bundle of joy into the world than with a bundle of flowers! White and Pink flowers would be perfect for gifting on a Baby Shower, so get hold of them and make your perfect bouquet!

Promotion / New Job

For events related to accomplishments, specially professional, go for purple blossoms. Purple as a color radiates dignity, pride and success. Whether grouped alone in a bold range of rich hues or mixed in with other colors to provide depth and contrast, an arrangement filled with purple blooms represents accomplishment and admiration.

Mother’s Day

I remember sending flowers to my mother on a Mother’s Day many moons ago. She was SO happy and excited on receiving it, it just made my day! Life is made of these simple things which bring pure joy, so the next Mother’s Day, try gifting a bunch of flowers to your Mom and see how happy it makes her! Pink would be the colour to go for. Pink sends out strong signals of love, gratitude and appreciation. Match it up with a few yellow blossoms for her good health.

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Get Well Soon

If someone close to your heart is ailing, gift them flowers with bright colours to lift their spirits. Yellow flowers generally known to have an uplifting effect and signify good health, so definitely add a lot of ‘em. White also means healing so white flowers can be added as well. Other bright colours like Orange can also be used.

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